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How to pick your Wedding Makeup Artist

When planning a wedding we all know some decisions are more important than others and picking a Makeup Artist is one of the latter. Choosing the right Makeup Artist is arguably just as important as choosing your dress! The Makeup Artist you choose will be with you on the morning of your wedding day, which is a special time full of nerves and excitement. You need to feel comfortable with them and they should fit in seamlessly with your bridal party.

Many factors need to be taken into consideration before you say yes to your bridal Makeup Artist.

Look around and speak to people! Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get recommendations. If you have friends or family who have had a recent wedding, they may be able to give some guidance. However, keep in mind that your makeup style may differ from theirs.

Professional Makeup Artist’s should have a website and not just social media. Having a decent website is a good sign that the Makeup Artist is serious about their business. When looking at websites and social media, check out their portfolio. Ensure they have a good variety of images, not just styled shoots or young Insta-models! A good Makeup Artist should be able to make any client look their best self, whatever age, race or style.

Read testimonials! Most Makeup Artists will have reviews on their website/socials/google. Check through the most recent ones to see what other brides have said about working with them.

Check that their work fits with the look you are going for, whether it is natural, glamorous etc. They may look nice, but heavily filtered pictures aren't the best way to show off a Makeup Artist's skills. On your wedding day you'll want to look amazing in person, not just in (edited) photos.

Go to a wedding fair! Lots of venues run wedding fairs or open days where you can meet suppliers and get to know them, look at their work, ask questions about their business and the whole process. Makeup is a very personal thing, and you need to be comfortable with the person you pick. Trust your instinct and always have a trial so you can work out what look is best for you.

Don't be afraid to shop around! Even if you love the result from your trial, who knows what you'll think of a trial from a different Makeup Artist? It's perfectly ok to have a trial with more than one person to ensure they are the right fit.

What is more important to you on your wedding day?

  • Your dress is perfect

  • Your makeup is flawless

  • The groom turns up

If you'd like to speak to me about your wedding makeup I'd love to hear from you- get in touch!

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