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Terms and Conditions

Black and white photograph of Becky from Legendary Makeup doing makeup on mother of the bride.


Service(s): Any of the services provided by the Artist, as agreed upon booking.

The Client: The main recipient of the Service(s)

The Artist: Becky Howard (Legendary Makeup)

Agreement: The agreement between the Client and the Artist, confirmed by email, for provision of the Service(s)

Fee: The amount payable by the Client to the Artist for the Service(s) in the Agreement

The Event: The occasion and venue where the Service(s) will be provided by the Artist

Party: Persons in addition to the Client requiring Service(s) at the Event



To secure your wedding date for makeup Services, a signed bridal contract and £50.00 deposit are required. This deposit is non-refundable. This deposit will be put toward the Client’s total wedding day balance. 

Receipt of a retain payment confirms the Agreement and secures the Artist’s availability for the Event on the agreed date and time for the agreed Fee.

Trials are mandatory and take place at the Artist's home in Northstowe, Cambridge.

Enquiries for which a deposit has not been paid are not confirmed and therefore availability cannot be guaranteed, and an Agreement is not formally in place.

Deposits are forfeited on cancellation.

The Artist reserves the right to cancel special offers and rates at any time, with the exception of where an emailed Agreement is already in place with the Client.


Bookings are secured upon receipt of a deposit agreed with the Artist and an email confirmation from the Artist. This confirms the Agreement and secures the Artist’s availability for the Event on the agreed date and time for the agreed Fee.

The Fee is always agreed via email, verbal agreements are not offered as they are not deemed valid by the Artist.

The Artist reserves the right to cancel special offers and rates at any time, with the exception of where an emailed Agreement is already in place with the Client.


Travel expenses of 60p per mile are incurred for all bookings outside a 15-mile radius of CB24. The exact rate will depend upon the location that the services are to be provided at. This will be discussed and agreed with the Client during the booking process.

Where travel expenses are incurred for travel by car to locations where the services are to be provided within the London Congestion Charge Zone, at times when the Charge is in operation, the London Congestion Charge fee will be added to the Fee.

Distances are calculated by the Artist and travel expenses will be agreed between the Artist and Client as part of the Agreement.

If required, alternative methods of transport other than motor vehicles, such as rail or flight will be discussed and agreed with the Client during the booking process.


If the Artist has to work across multiple locations, a £25 charge will be added to the wedding day fee. A fee is added to cover the additional time spent setting up, packing down and moving. Additional travel charges may apply and will be calculated by the Artist.

Exclusivity is not guaranteed for the whole day of the event unless otherwise agreed by the Artist, therefore timings will be seriously considered when agreeing to any booking.
It is unlikely that there will be another event on the day; and any second event undertaken by the Artist will not affect the first event. An exclusivity fee can be arranged if preferred.


Special Occasions and Makeup Lessons:

Full payment of the balance of the Fee is required 1 day before the Event at the latest, if the Event is less than 1 day away full payment is required to secure the booking. There are no exceptions to this.


Payment must be made via bank transfer 4 weeks before the wedding date unless agreed otherwise in writing with the Makeup artist. This will be invoiced to you via email.

Payment can be accepted via cash or bank transfer.

Bookings are only confirmed once the funds have cleared in the Artist’s bank account.

The Artist shall be entitled to charge the Client for any expenses reasonably incurred by the individuals whom the Artist engages in connection with the Services. This includes travelling expenses outside of London, hotel costs, subsistence if an overnight stay is needed and any associated expenses, and for the cost of services provided by third parties and required by the Artist for the performance of the Services, and for the cost of any extra materials required but not described in the Services or booking. These will all be communicated prior.

The Artist shall be entitled to charge the Client for a second makeup artist if requested or required at a supplemental charge of £100.00. This will be communicated prior and only charged for large bridal parties where the Artist is unable to complete all services alone.

If the Client fails to make a payment by the due date, then, without limiting the Artist’s legal remedies, the Makeup Artist reserves the right to cancel the entire booking.


It is the Client’s responsibility to inform the Artist of any potential issues such as but not limited to medical conditions, allergies, and/or sensitivities. The Artist cannot be held liable for any condition that arises or loss incurred by the Client if the Client has not informed the Artist of any known conditions as stated above, or of any conditions unknown to the Client at the time of the service.

The Artist reserves the right to cancel the Agreement if the behaviour of the Client is deemed inappropriate and/or if the Client reports a condition that the Artist deems a risk to the Client’s health and well-being. In these cases any payments that have already been made by the Client for the service are non-refundable.


If the booking is directly affected by circumstances beyond the control of The Artist, every possible endeavour to rectify such situations will be made, however no compensation will be offered on The Artist’s part. The client is strongly advised to take out wedding insurance to cover against such situations.


Cancellations must be made four weeks (30 days) prior to your reserved date or you will be responsible for the full amount of services agreed. Any cancellation will be liable to loss of deposit. Cancellations must be made in writing via email.

The Artist, reserves the right to terminate this contract for any non-compliance of terms. The contract will become void and all deposits given are non-refundable.

Cancellations by the Artist due to circumstances including, but not limited to, problems rendering the performance of her obligations and where no other suitable alternative can be given will result in a full refund to the Client. No further compensation will be offered. An alternative highly recommended makeup artist might be suggested by the Artist.

Refunds are issued via the same method of payment.

Although I operate a non-transferable deposit policy, I do understand you may wish to change your wedding date due to certain circumstances, and of course I would still like to be a part of your new date. The Artist will do everything in her power to make the new date of services possible. If the new date cannot be accommodated, the deposit is liable to be lost.

Any changes to the bookings in relation to the bridal trial, number of clients, times, locations and/or dates shall be notified to the Artist at least 48 hours in advance of the Event. The Artist shall not be obliged to accommodate any last minute change requests.

Cancellations for services booked where travel and/or accommodation expenses have been paid for by the Artist and are non-refundable by the travel/accommodation provider(s) will incur full reimbursement from the Client to the Artist for the travel and/or accommodation costs paid.
Payments made to the Artist for a service that is subsequently cancelled by the Artist will be refunded in full within 7 days of the cancellation. No further compensation will be offered.




At your trial, we will need to take photos and videos of you for the purpose of recording the trial look. This is to help us recreate the look accurately on the day. This will also give you a true idea of how your look should translate to your wedding photos & video, in different angles, lighting etc.

These trial photos will be kept confidential, to keep your wedding day look private.

The client agrees that the Artist may use any & all photographs, video, audio & other media that is captured & recorded by the Artist or by any 3rd party hired by the client, specifically photographers & videographers. This will permit the Artist to use such recorded media to be displayed on its website &/or marketing materials, flyers & other advertisement media. The Client agrees to release any & all claims regarding use of his/ her images for such purposes. The Client also agrees to release the name & contact information of the hired 3rd party photographers &/or videographers used for recording any event for which the Artist has been contracted to provide beauty services for.


This Contract is entered into between the Client and the Artist. No other party member or wedding supplier can correspond with, create terms or cancel for the Client or act on behalf of the Client.

The Artist in this contract retains exclusivity with the Client and Bridal Party. The Artist and her team shall be the exclusive makeup artist for the Client & the selected members of the Bridal Party, unless otherwise specified.

Any additional Artist hired, with the permission of the Artist, must not under any circumstances have usage over the work pertaining to the Artist.

Exclusivity is not guaranteed for the whole day of the Event. A second event on the Event Date undertaken by the Artist will not affect the event for which this Contract is for.


Prices for products and services are subject to change without notice.
The Artist reserves the right to modify or discontinue a service (or any part or content thereof) at any time without notice.


All communication should take place in writing via email.

Due to the private nature of our business, our contract and communication is solely with you, the Client, regardless of who is paying our fee or any third parties (Groom, Parents & wedding planner, etc) acting on your behalf. We will only discuss the details of the booking with the Client.

For your reference the most efficient way to discuss all the important elements of your booking is via email , due to the high volume of messages we receive across multiple media channels. Although we love to connect with you on social media and share images via these platforms, messages can get confused or missed if across social media, WhatsApp, phone, text, therefore we politely ask you to ensure that any correspondents relating to your booking be sent via email, to reduce the risk of missing important information.

It is the Client's responsibility to provide clear information so that we can find your preparation location. This must be communicated clearly in writing before the wedding date


Maximum time allocation for trials: the maximum time that the Artist can spend on any one trial is 2.5 hours for a makeup booking. Any additional time required for trial sessions will have to be booked as a repeat trial.

Repeat trials: If a second makeup trial is requested the same fee applies as for the first trial.

Assistants: For bookings larger than the bride and 2 guests and/or bookings with limited preparation time it may be necessary for more than one team member to attend, if this is the case an additional fee may be applicable. You’ll be informed of this during the booking process.​

Strip/Individual lashes: Lash application is included in the price for the makeup service, there is no reduction in price for any makeup service if they are declined.

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