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luxury wedding shoot: inspired by Sofia Richie’s wedding

If you haven't seen pictures from Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge's wedding in the south of France you must have been living under a rock! Widely celebrated as 2023's most talked-about celebrity event, not just for its star-studded guest list and lavish details, but also for its elegant and stylish execution. 

Sofia Richie Grainge, a true style icon, has become a muse for many—including myself. Her wedding day look, a perfect blend of modern sophistication and timeless elegance, resonated deeply with my personal style. That's when the idea for a photoshoot was born.


When I saw the look Sofia chose for her wedding day I knew I needed to try it out for myself. Her modern but timeless style fits so perfectly into my personal branding, I knew I had to put together a photoshoot.

Emma Olivia, a local photographer with a flair for editorial and modern aesthetics, was my first choice to collaborate with. Together we chose a fantastic model couple and 2 incredible florists.

I chose Worlington Hall for the venue. It's stunning grounds made it the perfect setting for our shoot.

The project gained an extra layer of elegance with Heidi from The Embroidered Napkin Company, the genius behind Sofia and Elliot's actual wedding napkins. Excitement peaked as Heidi enthusiastically joined our creative team, adding a touch of authenticity to our venture.

Tasha from Styled by Lulabelles Cambridge designed a beautiful tablescape, using her stunning centrepieces and gold beaded charger plates as a nod to Sofia's wedding set up.

Sarah, the creative force behind White Orchid Print and Design, played a pivotal role by crafting a unique monogram that became a central theme in every detail of our photoshoot. From the stationery to the cake, the napkins, and the Fig + Form backdrop, Sarah's touch infused a cohesive and personalised charm.

In the first look we recreated Sofia's famous sculpted bun that effortlessly sweeps the hair away, revealing a fresh, radiant face. Katrina Kelly, my talented hairstylist friend masterfully achieved this modern and timeless style. To complement the hair, the makeup focused on dewy, flawless skin that seems to glow from within. Softly defined eyes added a touch of depth without overshadowing the natural beauty, while a delicate peach lip offered a hint of colour. The overall effect was effortlessly chic and breathtakingly beautiful.

For the second look, we wanted to amp up the glamour without losing Sofia's signature radiance. I added a touch more drama to the eyes, while Katrina transformed the bun into a sleek, high ponytail, instantly injecting a playful and dynamic vibe.

We also changed the dress to a stunning gown with a square neckline and a cheeky exposed leg.

Both dresses were from the incredible Michelle at Lily Francis Bridal.

Ros from Fig + Form provided a fantastic backdrop, with our bespoke monogram featured in gold and the iconic balloons, reminiscent of Sofia's black and white party pictures.

Ambers Bakes and Cakes crafted a flawless, timeless cake adorned with a bespoke monogram and exquisite edible flowers. Drawing inspiration from the minimal images available of Sofia and Elliot's wedding cake, she created a masterpiece.

This photoshoot served as a love letter to Sofia Richie's iconic wedding style, filtered through the lens of personal interpretation. It's a testament to the power of inspiration and collaboration, proving that exquisite results can be achieved through a shared vision and incredible local talent.

I'm so grateful to the whole team for making this shoot to special.

Venue- @theworlingtonhall 

Makeup and coordinator- @legendarymakeup 

Hair- @katrinakelly_weddinghair 


Cake- @ambersbakesandcakes 

Accessories- @garterandveil 

Model couple- @the_maroskes 

Styling- @styledbylulabelles_cambridge 

Dress- @lilyfrancisbridal 

Stationery- @white_orchid_print_and_design

Florists- @flowersbybasilandpip @thegypsyshed

Videographer- @thatweddings 

Napkins- @theembroiderednapkincompany 

Content Creator- @socialsoiree_uk

Backdrops & Balloons - @fig_and_form

What do you think of my recreation? Did it capture the essence of Sofia's wedding look? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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